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Top 5 Massage Pillows For Neck And Back You Should Test it (Now)

massage pillows for neck and back

Having a self massage at home for your neck or the entire back is really affordable nowadays, especially if you feel the stress or the pain in your body,but you don’t have the time or the money for that?Actually you even can’t move because your at the office or just you want something that will help you sleeping while having a fast massage.If you didn’t tried the massage pillows for neck and back which are designed for this pain problem?Then you should read this post.

May be you are searching for the best correct pillow for frozen shoulders or back and lower shoulder but you don’t know they are some products that are working for multipurpose usage.If so i encourage you to read about Best Electric Massager For Frozen Shoulder In my blog so you can have a better understanding the pros and cons for each product.

#1 Naipo Massage Pillow by Naipo

Do you know that Massage is the new treatment in town?

Yes it is. It been the best way to treat back and neck pains, Naipo has now introduced a new pillow product that will cater for all you needs.

Naipo massage pillow is designed to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and fatigue. It has the power to act as the real massage therapists hands.

It is programmed for 20 munities of use and it automatically goes off (for protection) to avoid overheating.

Use it to massage your neck, lower back, waist, leg, and foot.  Whenever you are you can use this product to better your life.

The massage pillow has a dimension of 12.8 by 3.9 by 7.9 inches and weighs 3.31 pounds.

Its W shaped design fits well on body contours and behind the neck. It can heat up to 112F and has a wide range of voltage (110-240V).

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#2 Shiatsu Pillow Massager by Zyllion

This type of pillow is designed to fit perfectly behind your neck, abdomen, calf, upper back and thigh areas. It is used to straighten your muscles and has a multipurpose adjustment handles strap that allows it to change position during massage.

Shiatsu pillows have a dimension measuring of 13 by 2.4 by 9.5 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds.

It is also designed with a heating power that composed of overheating protection programmed for 20 minutes auto shut off.

You are recommended to use a towel or any other non-flammable material to reduce skin exposure to heat.

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#3 Naipo Shiatsu Back and neck Massager by Naipo

This is another product in the market by Naipo. Are you feeling like you are tired after a whole day of working in front of your computer? Have you been feeling pain in your back or on your shoulders?

This type of pillow is designed for you. It has massage nodes to sooth tired, relieve muscle tightness. It has a heat function which makes your muscles warm and ligaments to improve blood circulation.

This electric massager has it dimensions measuring 15.8 by 6.3 by 8.4 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds.

It is of ergonomic U-shape design, with unique nodes thus can perfectly fit in any position. It also has flexible straps. Made of premium PU leather which is hard to wear and tear, breathable mesh fabric and dust free cloth.

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#4 Back Neck and Shoulder Massager by InvoSpa

It is a shoulder massager made of 4 big and 4 small nodes providing a deep tissue massages on your neck, shoulders, foot, legs and calves. Designed in a way that it helps you relieve stress, sore muscles and helps you to relax.

It is portable, durable and rechargeable. It is a perfect gift to give to your love. With it comes along 1 car adapter, 1 manual, 1 carry bag and an AC adopter

It has a weighs 4.4 pounds

It is a 2 way massage direction built to mimic the motion a real person massage experience.

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#5 ZMA13PKV Pillow Massager by Zyllion.

This is another product of Zyllion. Are you busy for the spa? Do you want a quick massage at the comfort of your home?

Zyllion have your back now. This pillow is made to sooth aching muscles and used to massage different parts of the body. For example shoulders, behind the neck, upper and lower back, abdomen and calf.

This product is of dimensions 13 by 2.5 by 9.5 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds.

It is made of adjustable multipurpose handles straps which are convenient. It is designed such a way that it automatically changes the direction every minute during the process.

The product has an overheat protection device and it is programmed to work under a time frame of 20 minutes.

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