Waist Twister Exercise Machine|2020 Recommended Prices & Reviews

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We’ve looked at what a waist twister exercise machine is and what it does to the body (benefits).

With so many of this machine in the market, finding one that will suit your needs might prove difficult. We have taken out time to research and come up with the top 5 best wait twister exercise machine that will work for you. Check them out!

When it comes to exercise,you need the perfect waist twister exercise machine for that, the traditional training is linear- it works majorly on the front body. With this, it becomes difficult to get rid of your “muffin tops” and “spare tire”. Using core twisting that works in a circular motion takes on the front, back and sides of the body.

Twisting makes it easy to target the difficult areas- abs, waist, buns, and thighs, and trim down the excess “baggage” to give you a nice and attractive shape.

What is a Twister Exercise Machine?

Twister exercise machines are of different shapes and sizes but with one aim- to rejuvenate your body. It is usually a platform on which you can stand on and perform our exercises that involves twisting from side to side.

The waist twisting exercise is quite a simple way to detoxify your body and enhance your nutritional uptake at the cellular level. With just twisting of your waist, you are naturally stretching, toning, and detoxifying your core, joints, muscles, and organs. This method is similar to how a washing machine works- it wrings out toxins from the joints, organs, and body tissues by using the twisting motion.

The secret to the fun and effective full body workout involved while using a twister exercise machine is that it has a patented rotary design which helps you twist up to 240°. This helps you activate your core and twist trim your waist. Just like every exercise, a waist twister machine targets a core group of your muscles as well as the secondary class (buns) to give you great results.

What do Waist Twister Exercise Machines Do?

The waist twister exercise machine has several benefits and getting the right one will make you enjoy all the benefits. A waist twister exercise machine works on your core muscles that are involved in maintaining balance, massage your organs and rejuvenate them. According to a study, postures that involve twisting and compressing your organs, will help you massage and rejuvenate your immune organs.

The core of the body (hips, spine, pelvis, and abdomen) gives maximum strength and stability for all movement. Having a strong core will decrease your chance of injury and help you stay fit. Exercising with a waist twister will engage the muscles in the core areas and strengthen them.

With this machine, you can do more than just twisting of the waist, but can also squat on the machine. This will help to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. This will also help you maintain your balance when you come in contact with a stream of uneven, slippery rocks.

Let’s take a look at some additional benefits of using a waist twister exercise machine:

  • Waist twisting works on your upper body, lower body and core all at the same time
  • It restores proper movement in back muscles
  • Waist twisting realign the spine
  • It helps to restore balance and give your body a strong foundation
  • The exercise is convenient and can be done anywhere
  • Waist twisting help to detoxify waste, lactic acid, and body acid
  • Reduces premature aging
  • The exercise is a full body muscular skeletal workout
  • Waist twisting help to eliminate pain, inflammation and internal scar tissue formation
  • It gives you a strong core, toned stomach, and a slimmer and toned waist
  • It detoxifies the body and enhances nutritional uptake at the cellular level
  • Strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments


The Top 5 Best Waist Twister Exercise Machine

1 S. JACLEAN Waist Twister Exercise Machine- Overall Best

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The U.S. JACLEAN Waist Twister Exercise Magnetic Therapy Twisting Disc Figure Trimmer gives you more than the price value, the machine will perfectly supplement a stationary bike when you need to do some indoor cardio, it will help you achieve the same result when you can’t go out for a walk or hit the gym and when you need something that will not wake your kids or disturb your next-door neighbor then this waist twister will do just fine.

This device has a magnetic wave disc that helps massage and stimulates the meridian point on your feet while you twist and turn, it will enable you to get into shape and achieve a slimmer waist, thigh, and hips – though some users claim that the nodules are a little hard and prickly on their feet. Your glutes, legs, and abs are well exercised as you turn your body from side-to-side benefiting your muscles as they get toned into shape.

The eight magnets will help to improve the circulation of your blood, increase your heart rate as-well-as reduce muscular aches. The twisting and turning will also help boost your metabolism and effectively burn away calories. You will get to combine the benefits of both reflexology and aerobic exercise and cultivate good health.


  • Versatile a workout it can provide with a few small changes in body position/movement
  • It is easy and fun to use
  • Cheap and effective


  • The nodules are a little bit hard and uncomfortable
  • You will need to get other accessories to measure your progress


2 Twist & Shape Abs Trainer

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The Twist and Shape is a home abs trainer and a workout aid. It is solidly built and also comfortable to use. The handles are soft when you hold them but are really firm to withstand all the twists and turns during your workout sessions. Built with a display screen, however, users have complained about the LCD not sitting firm.

The revolutionary Twist and Shape abs and core trainer is designed to produce quick results when you work-out for just a few minutes every day for two weeks. It strengthens your core, tones and shapes your abs beautifully. All you have to do is twist yourself into shape, and it’s quite fun and easy.

The Twist and Shape focus on strengthening and toning both your lower and upper abs. The impact-free movement also targets your thighs, hips, and buns due to the fluid lower-body movement when you twist and move in the opposite directions, twisting your torso and doing the hip rotation exercises. Your body benefits from all that movement and it sculptures your abs and tones your muscles.


  • Dual rotary anti-skid spin plates create an even more intense workout
  • The low impact & fun way to workout & get into shape
  • Digital display that tracks time, reps, and calories burned
  • Workout DVD and 14-day eating guide deliver fast results


  • Not really a total body workout as described
  • The LCD feedback panel too tiny and simple


3 Simply Fit Board – The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board

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If you are looking for a fun and effective way to burn-out all that calories in your body and get into shape, then the Simply Fit Exercise Board should be considered. It has various types of exercise positions which are very effective in strengthening and tone your abs, thighs, legs, core and more. The Simple Fit Board can help you in building your body balance and coordination.

Designed and manufactured from premium quality materials, the board is very durable, strong and lightweight. You can easily pack and travel with it, and you can use it anywhere with a flat surface, but best used on a carpeted surface. It can support up to 400lbs and specially engineered with an Anti-Slip Surface, training safe and very comfortable.

Although the board is difficult for beginners to maintain their balance at first, but with a little practice it will become very comfortable. It is suitable for both men and women of any age to keep fit. It versatile and a fun way to twist yourself into being fit, in shape and healthy.


  • Helps Strengthen and Tone your Abs, Legs, Core and More
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Strong, Durable and Supports up to 400 lbs


  • It is difficult to use for beginners
  • Especially hard to use for those with balance issues


4 King Athletic Ab-Roller Wheel Waist Twister Exercise Machine

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If you are looking for something that features durability, then the King Athletic Ab Roller Wheel waist twister machine is one to consider. It has a heavy duty metal shaft that gives you an easy and smooth roll out as you twist. With this product, your safety is guaranteed as it offers a good grip on all kinds of surface- all thanks to the dual traction wheel. For added stability, it features a non-slip rubber wheel with reinforced spokes and an option to space the wheels further.

The King Athletic Ab Roller Wheel is a smart design and is made with materials that are environmentally safe. This machine is ideal for users that want to develop their muscle mass, burn down calories and surpass their fitness goals.

This unit is easy to assemble, unlike other bulky units that take lots of time and special knowledge to put together. A special attraction for this product is that it comes with two free eBooks that contain all the training information you will need.

Despite the fact that the plastic feels a bit cheap but for the price, you can never go wrong with this product. The manufacturer offers a 200% money back guarantee- meaning you get your money back and a replacement if you are not satisfied with the machine.


  • Simple set up
  • Easy to use
  • Double wheel roller
  • Very affordable
  • Great looking ab wheel roller


  • Plastic feels a bit cheap
  • Feels unstable for beginners


5 DMI Mini Stepper Waist Twister Exercise Machine

Are you looking for a compact waist twister that will help tone your waist, hips, thighs, and calves? Then this is one product worth considering. The DMI Mini Stepper Waist Twister Exercise Machine is easy to use and put away when not in use due to its compact size.

This serves as a great solution to your regular workout as it offers you convenience on the go. If what you want is a low impact exercise or a more intense workout routine, this stepper is at alert to take on the job. It features a unique adjustable tension pulley system that enables a smooth stepping action for low impact exercise.

For quality assurance, it is heavily constructed with gauge steel and high-impact plastic footrest that are durable. It also has a non-skid base. It replicates stair climbing- we have the dual hydraulic cylinders working independently to thank for that.

However, some users complained about the calories display panel that constantly falls off but it is still very effective in building the core muscles. It is versatile and not only effective in building the waist, but can also be used for rehab therapy. It has a built-in digital monitor that calculates the number of steps you take and elapsed time to help you keep track of your progress.


  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel with high-impact plastic footrests and non-skid base
  • Compact design is great for the home, office or travel
  • Adjustable resistance system allows for low impact exercise


  • Customers have complained about the calories display panel that does not fit on tight and constantly falling off


Twisting your waist might sound ordinary but it actually involves lots of work. However, with the right machine, your work will be less and you will be getting amazing results in a short period of time. Out above top 5 waist twister should serve their purpose and aid you.